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A Paintings Story

by Diane Harm in The Grotto Gardens
Blogging is a new venture for me and an opportunity to share what I find so fascinating in the world of art. My weekly posts will tell about my art, art of fellow artists and some thoughts on the art world in general. Sometimes I will share a newly completed painting or a work in progress. To me, it is all about ‘the story’.
The Story 
When I first started painting botanicals, my goal was to depict the plant in detail, showing all the little nuances that made one plant different from another.  I picked plants that I loved and wanted to share their beauty with others by making a painting. But as I progressed in skill, I began to understand that a painting must be more that a portrait of a plant, a pollinator or a bird; it must tell a story, evoke a memory or an emotion.
My Story
My grandfather was a great gardener.  He was a retired fruit farmer who moved to town and had a garden of wonderful roses.  His real love was to share his flowers with friends and family. Sometimes, if a passing stranger admired his garden, they would get a tour and, much to my grandmother’s chagrin, they would leave with a big bouquet. My paintings became my grandfather’s story, a sharing of beauty.
When I had my own garden, I came to love all the wildlife that was a part of the garden.
Butterflies, birds, toads and insects all made the garden come alive. So I began including more of these creatures in my paintings.  Over time the stories have become more elaborate but the goal is the same, to tell a story, or evoke a memory or emotion in the viewer.
As I post my paintings, I will include my stories but hope you the viewer will add your own stories. 

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